Analyzes how salvador allende and peter winn's weavers of revolution fight for their independence against the chilean government of the 1970s. Rhetorical Analysis Planning Sheet Title of the text: "He Showed us the Way" Author (and background information if known): Cesar Chavez was a latino civil rights activist who helped protect farmer's rights by forming labor unions. cesar chavez was always open to ways to solve problems that were alternatives to his own ideas. Analyzes how martin luther king jr. uses a metaphor to describe inequality and the work of the civil rights movement. Chavez states these aphorisms in an authoritative way that makes it hard for someone to oppose his ideas and perspective. Now is the time to lift our national policy from the quicksand of racial injustice to the solid rock of human dignity (pg. Analyzes how csar chvez's letter to mr. barr focuses on false accusations against the boycotters. However, he created hope in his life to motivate what he loves to do and defending himself through passion. Even when Chavez is looking to the religious component of nonviolent resistance, he includes comparisons to strengthen his argument. his father, librado, grew up and opened small businesses to provide for his family and his mother taught him character lessons. When describing the balance between strategy and real understanding Chavez writes saying, However important the struggle is and however much misery, poverty and exploitation exist, we know that it cannot be more important than one human life. By giving the audience emotions and situations that they can relate to, it allows the author to be more connected to them. In an article published by Cesar Chavez, he describes his fight for civil rights by using Martin Luther King Juniors methods to show how violence fails to promote victory. Secondly this quote uses the emotional character of a widely revered back bone of the United States, the farmer. We believe it is too big a price to pay for not getting anything. Due to the importance of his life and death, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a symbol of justice and peace. Who gets killed in the case of violent revolution? The company was aware of what Chavez was doing, but they didnt pay that much attention until they started to lose money. DRQ Help Us Overthrow the Tall/Short Mafia (3 Worst), DRQ Natty Dressers Disappear From NFL Sidelines (2 Alright), DRQ Pride to One is Prejudice to Another (1 Best), Synthesis Essay Factors In Memorializing An Event (3 Worst), Synthesis Essay Is College Worth The Cost? An example of this connection is seen in the following quote: If we resort to violence then one of two things will happen: either the violence will be escalated and there will be many injuries and perhaps deaths on both sides, or there will be total demoralization of the workers. In this example, the author uses a colon to help the readers draw the relationship between violence and its effects. Cesar Chavez on the tenth anniversary of Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr's assassination, wrote an article in a religious organization's magazine. These concepts of peaceful protest would be used in many struggles as King and his followers fought for equal rights. Pinnock says, Spirit is the power by which sins hold is broken and we are enabled to love God and neighbor more pointing people to the union God so desires of all. Analyzes how quixote dismissed sancho's warnings, and was sent rolling down the plain after he attacked the windmills. Analyzes how dr. king uses an optimistic tone expressing hope for the end of oppression of african americans. In his essay Csar Chvez Saved My Life Daniel Nene Alejandrez tells his story of the struggle and anger towards many injustices that happen around him and his journey from channeling that anger through crime to using it to start a foundation Barrios Unidos, to help men in prison overcome poverty, and the drug and violence culture surrounding them. Describes how his legacy of non-violent resistance shaped the ideas of many people. Chavez establishes that violent tactics in a resistance are not effective for the cause by using juxtaposing diction in order to distinguish violent strategies and nonviolent strategies. But if we are committed to nonviolence only as a strategy or tactic, then if it fails our only alternative is to turn to violence. Cesar Chavez was a non-violent man who would do anything to not get in a fight while they where boycotting the growers. Cesar Chavez once explained the horrors of society when he said, When the man who feeds the world by toiling in the fields is himself deprived of the basic rights of feeding, sheltering and caring for is family, the whole community of man is sick. ( That means that the whole of humanity is sick and cruel when the man who works the fields all day long to feed the all of the citizens of the entire world cant even provide for himself. When victory comes through violence, it is a victory with strings attached. Therefore, Spirit empowerment should always lead to greater acts of service and love for both the saved; and especially the lost., Anyone can pray to God or fast but only faith in the word of God will grant the sinner true freedom and righteousness, no good works. In his essay, Alejandrez uses key scenes from his life to convey his main theme of spiritual connection to overcome the many hardships the Latino community faces in this country. Explains that directive leaders give others instruction, including what is expected of them, how it is to be done, and a timeline for when it should be completed. he compares the words of the constitution and the declaration of independence, to a check written to the citizens. For these lessons and for his sacrifice for the poor and oppressed, Dr. Kings memory will be cherished in the hearts of the farm workers forever. Analyzes how victor villasenor built hope from the problems that his teachers, friends, publisher have given to him and created it into motivations. Due to a rise of hatred and conflict between those who fought for civil rights and the government, Chavez attempts to prove that nonviolence is the better alternative compared to violence in resolving conflicts. Malcolm Xs pessimism is abundantly found as he focuses attention to the details of the problems to stir foul emotions to use as a tool of persuasion to rally the Black community into action. In the excerpt, Cesar Chavez, labor union organizers and civil rights leader, discusses how nonviolent resistance to problems in society easily resolves a situation better than violent protest. his kind nature convinces the reader to accept and understand him well. Analyzes how vargas convinces the reader that 11 million undocumented immigrants in the united states are not bad people. Analyzes how cesar chavez made many rhetorical choices to support his argument supporting nonviolent resistance to give readers a deeper understanding and influential stance of what he believes is correct. In Peter Winn's Weavers of Revolution, a factory in Santiago, Chile fights for their independence against the Chilean government of the 1970's. Create two fictional workers, one a discouraged worker and one an underemployed worker. The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. devastated a large majority of people around the world. It has been our experience that few men or women ever have the opportunity to know the true satisfaction that comes with giving ones life totally in the nonviolent struggle for justice. However, the boss sends his people over to Chavez and told him that if they dont stop the strike they will open fire to all the people. Opines that cesar chavez's dedication to advance migrant farm workers' rights helped laborers win fair pay, job security, health insurance, retirement benefits, and decent working conditions. Immediately following the thesis of the article, how nonviolent practices have matured, Chavez introduces the premise. Cesar was losing hope because people were not following him because if they do they will get shot. It is not discussion. The people of the land are the ones who give their bodies and dont really gain that much for it. Chavez appeals to his audiences honor and instills a greater duty to defy the use of violence. Letter from Delano, by Cesar Chavez, the writer is attempting to perform this impossible feat on E.L. Barr Jr., the president of the California Grape and Tree Fruit League. Ceaser Chavez uses logical appeals, the credibility of important figures, and emotional connections in order to form his arguments. Violence does not work in the long run and if it is temporarily successful, it replaces one violent form of power with another just as violent. Analyzes how marquez uses magical realism to depict the elder man as a rag picker and bald fellow with few teeth in his head. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. In Letter from Birmingham Jail by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and The Speech at The March Washington by Josephine Baker each article passionately argues about the disadvantages of the black community, the equality and power of education. As a child, Chavez and his family worked as farmers on a field as migrant workers who were most likely treated in an unjust manner and thus, he dedicated his life to improving the conditions for all farmers. Chavez establishes that violent tactics in a resistance are not effective for the cause by using juxtaposing diction in order to distinguish violent strategies and nonviolent strategies. Cesar stopped eating for a week to see if the people were still caring to change the way they were getting threaten and the people got the message and started doing strikes again without fear. Our conviction is that human life is a very special possession given by God to man and that no one has the right to take it for any reason or for any cause, however just it may be. Analyzes how dr. king uses logos in his speech to express his quest for freedom. Analyzes how sanders characterizes the rich, educated fathers of his classmates in university as incredibly influential men without any worries. He stands up for these people because he saw how their bosses were with those people. This simile demonstrates how the power of justice and righteousness is natural and fulfilling. Describes king's historical speech in 1963, which has held great symbolic value not only for the african americans, but for all equal rights supporters of every age and race. In order to prove God has divine love for us, we must look to what evidence there is to support that God loves us. The audience can no longer defend against his claimnonviolence is the best tactic to a peaceful resolution. Cesar Chavez, on the tenth anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., emphasizes his argument about the need for nonviolent resistance. Describes how cesar chavez led voter registration drives, anti-discrimination campaigns, and formally unionized the campesinos with the help of the cso. He warns that violence results in destruction and demoralization without bringing meaningful change, however, nonviolence attracts and retains the support of millions[even] against great odds. Such a thing would have a tremendous impact on us. On the tenth anniversary of Kings death, Chavez wrote an epitaph for King. At some point, every. Chavez was a large factor in beginning to abolish racism, or also called the Civil Rights Movement. . He applies ethos to show that nonviolence is something that people are drawn to. Analyzes how frederick douglass proves his ability by helping the reader realize the deep-rooted hate and oppression in slavery. Analyzes how chavez gained a better look into the perspectives of those around him and how they viewed him. Based on the pathos, ethos, and logos present in this letter, the article is overall effective to this argument. 0000032979 00000 n This work discusses the impact of a protesters moral authority and what kind of change (if any) it may lead to. The least we can do for Christ is to be stable and steadfast in our faith., He believes that people should act in such a way that can be tested against the results and then the duty will be universal in the name of God. Despite brutal and savage methods of persuasion slowly gaining support, Chavez proves that nonviolent actions are superior; he does so by using ethos in order to uphold moral standards, logos (in reference to the past), and pathos to appeal to the emotions of his audience. Explains that martin luther king jr.'s famous speech, "i have a dream", was held in 1963. he insisted on nonviolent resistance and fought for the rights of the black population. After establishing his argument on sound reasoning, Chavez uses that foundation to employ other rhetorical appeals. His goal was to fight for better treatment, increased pay, and improved working conditions. 0000001405 00000 n He also demonstrates that he is not the only one advocating for nonviolence, The boycott, as Gandhi taught, is the most nearly perfect instrument of nonviolent change, allowing masses of people to participate actively in a cause (lines 56-59). Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. He also uses the powerful words Free at last in order to show the importance of the situation of the black population. The relation between Allende and the people he represents is a unique one because at first this class, the working class, helps and supports Allende to become president, but then both parties realize their different plans for the future and the working class actually contributes to the downfall of Allende's presidency. In paragraph 13, Martin Luther King Jr. uses a simile to describe inequality and the work of the Civil Rights Movement. Analyzes how chavez's directive leadership against violence gave his campaign credibility and led to national support from citizens from all walks of life, including politicians, clergy members, and celebrities. It is not discussion. Similarly, nonviolent protests must continue to be used today because violence only leads to more violence. We advocate militant nonviolence as our means of achieving justice for our people, but we are not blind to the feelings of frustration, impatience and anger which seethe inside every farm worker. Concludes that sancho is a delusional character because he loyally follows don quixote, who has promised him wealth and social status. Analyzes how douglas is a well-known figure in the abolishment movement through his narrative "learning to read and write." teachers need to give out more compassions, to help students understand the methods and how to practice it in real life. Analyzes how dr. martin luther king jr. and malcolm x used repetitious rhetoric as a tool of art to convey their messages. Analyzes how the film is sad in some ways, but it manages to inspire and affirm hope for labor. It is unique in history which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. In lines 65 and 66 the author explains that violence never comes as a victory. Later, in 1962, Chvez founded the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA), later renamed the United Farm Workers (UFW), which became the voice of migrant farm workers throughout the United States. After identifying the advantages of nonviolence, he gives the readers two possible conclusions to make about the brutal opposite: either the violence will be escalated and there will be many injuries and perhaps deaths on both sides, or there will be total demoralization of the workers (Chavez). New York: Harcourt Brace, 1997. The American people and people everywhere still yearn for justice. With more christians in policy regulation and law making, I feel that more justice and rightful decision would be made. We learned many years ago that the rich may have money, but the poor have time. To make nonviolence the more logical option, Chavez implements logos and leads readers to believe that violence takes too many sacrifices. Throughout his life, 1927 to 1993, Chavez was a prominent civil rights activist who fought for the rights of farm workers. Cesar Chavez was a civil rights activist who organized the earliest Chicano movements. He is the reason our evil deeds are reconciled and, the reason we are given the chance of eternal life. Opines that latino labor and civil rights activist cesar chavez truly comes to life in this wonderful film. With the article published in the magazine of a religious organization, Chavezs audience consisted of religious people devoted to helping those in need. He says that boycotting allowed masses of people to participate actively in a cause. Later on, the author shows emotional ties by appealing to pathos by describing the realities of life. The strongest act of manliness, is to sacrifice ourselves for other in a totally nonviolent struggle for justice(Doc C). Create a free website or blog at The author also uses diction to link negative outcomes to violence. He uses personification to explain that, When victory comes through violence, it is a victory with strings attached. By using personification it allows the audience to better understand the authors purpose. We've sent daily emails for over 16 years, without any ads. 0000033185 00000 n Analyzes how jose antonio vargas' article on my life as an undocumented immigrant is a writing about his childhood journey from the philippines to the united states. The Fight in the Fields: Cesar Chavez and the. His works of nonviolent acts against racism motivated many, including civil rights activist Cesar Chavez, to solve matters without resorting to inhumane behaviors. We are convinced that when people are faced with a direct appeal from the poor struggling nonviolently against great odds, they will react positively. Throughout his letter, Chavez applies rhetorical devices such as pathos, diction, and juxtaposition to persuade and inform people about how powerful and effective nonviolence techniques can be for civil rights. Analyzes how martin luther king jr. composed "letter from birmingham jail" in response to the eight clergymen who had attacked his character and work for civil rights through the publication "a call for unity". Targeted to those who believe in God, this is crucial since the Christian public would not want to cause people to suffer and cause deaths. Dr. Kings speech was given as a motivational piece meant to stimulate the optimism of integration and to strengthen hope for progressive equal rights. Cesar Chavez, in his excerpt He showed us the Way, utilizes strong pathos, ethos and logos statements, precise diction, and valuable patterns of development to convey the power nonviolence has in fights for freedoms and rights. Examine history. AwakinConversationsKindSpringKarmaKitchenKarmaTubeCF SitesPledgePagePropoor, He Showed Us The Way: A Speech by Cesar Chavez on MLK. It is the willingness to sacrifice It is the patience to win.. By using these devices, Chavez' piece about nonviolent resistance is further developed. If we beat the growers at the expense of violence, victory would come at the expense of injury and perhaps death. This carries certain implications too, that we cannot baptize people belonging to other faiths. The boycott, as Gandhi taught, is the most nearly perfect instrument of nonviolent change, allowing masses of people to participate actively in a cause. In order to achieve true freedom one must discover that you can break unjust laws through peaceful protest. Cesar Chavez, a civil rights leader fighting for improving pay and working conditions of farmers, employs the use of nonviolence resistance in his role as a leader of the United Farm Workers. Chavez uses the connotation of these words to allow the audience to connect chaos with negativity. For the tenth anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.s assassination, Cesar Chavez illustrated the importances of nonviolence in his article, He Showed Us the Way. monterey country club pools, curative covid test locations,